Describe shared hosting


    Shared hosting is best described as follows

    Multiple websites reside on a single server and share the resources of that specific server.

    • There is only one IP address for each shared server. (If you want your own IP, you need a dedicated VPS)
    • You can only access your site with your registered domain pointing to the server.
    • The RAM and CPU is limited to a maximum for each worker process. (In order for sites to be given a fair amount of resources and not negatively impact other clients)
    • Spaces is determined by each hosting package.

    Each client will be allocated their own area in the shared server. One client cannot access another clients hosting space or area, it is completely secure and most ISP services make exclusive use of this method with the aid of Hosting Panel Software, such as DirectAdmin (Linux) and SolidCP (Windows).

    Ideally shared hosting is for websites not in need of large bandwidth quota, disk space, RAM and CPU usage.
    Great platform to get started with hosting until your site explodes with new users, then you need to move to a VPS server with your own dedicated resources 🙂

    Some frequent questions around this.

    Q. Can I access the server with an IP?
    A. Nope. Shared resources use the same IP, you will need to point your domain to the server.

    Q. Can I use more RAM for my worker process or set other limits? For instance the “WP_MEMORY_LIMIT”.
    A. No. We currently set all limits to 128GB for memory. Enquire about additional restrictions or run “phpinfo”.

    Q. Can I connect to my database remotely?
    A. Yes and No. Some of our environments allow for this and some do not. DirectAdmin – Yes, Plesk – Yes, SoldCP – No.

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