Add Domain Pointer (DirectAdmin)


    What is a domain pointer?
    A domain pointer is an additional domain name that points to the root directory of your site. If you own and want it to point to your site, you can add as a domain pointer and anyone entering in a browser will see the website.

    Domain forwarding is useful when your site is hosted on one domain and you would like to have another domain redirect to the website when the other URL is entered in a browser.  This should not be confused with other redirects within the same URL.
    Sending and receiving of Emails will not be affected as long as the MX records are correct.

    What is the difference between an alias and domain pointer in DirectAdmin?
    In DirectAdmin, an alias attaches a domain name to an existing domain as a domain pointer, but it has its own FTP, email, and DNS settings. Here the processing of an alias domain is done independently of the principal (primary) domain, having its own website content, email accounts, and other settings.

    Domain pointers allow you to forward other domains to your main web site. Make sure to change the records of these domains to the same name servers as your main web site (this is done through your domain registrar).

    1.  Log into the Direct Admin host panel using the link provided after signing up with your hosting provider
    Username should be in the form of your unique USER ACCOUNT ID, e.g. r12345c

    2.  We recommend changing the GRID view to LIST view



    5.  Enter the SOURCE DOMAIN that will point to your primary domain and click CREATE

    6. You will receive confirmation that the domain pointer has been added

    Congratulations!  You have successfully added a domain pointer

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