Email messages or attachments seem deleted


    Please note that this could be due to the account being de-activated or the mailbox having reached it’s quota, as we may not modify, delete, or move a client’s EMail account and/or messages and attachments or change the inbox size as this poses a security risk for both parties.

    Therefore the downloading, transferring and/or possible deleting of Emails is absolutely controlled via client software (Outlook) or done through webmail, which we do not have access to. Should a client request assistance via AnyDesk we will gladly assist, however we do not take any responsibility for loss of information as per our user acceptance policy for remote support.  You are required to accept the terms and conditions prior to scheduling the remote session.

    We can only offer 48 hour e-Mail backups and a non-refundable investigation and/or restore fee of R150.00 (excl VAT) will be charged to your hosting account for attempting to restore the Emails. Please note that there is no guarantee the Email messages and/or attachments will be recovered as we do not actually store Email messages and messages sent during the time your account was off-line, might not have reached your inbox.

    Should you not seem to be able to download your attachments in your Email client (Outlook), kindly navigate to your webmail and confirm the message with it’s attachment is in your inbox, seeing that some client software will block certain attachments, depending on the settings.

    —-Please note that we do NOT reset any e-Mail passwords—–

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