Outlook pop-up requesting username and password


    ERROR – Continuous Password Prompt :
    When opening outlook you continuously see the following window.

    How to resolve:
    There are two main reasons why this is happening. The most common one is that your password has been changed, but not updated on your device/computer. To fix this, simply re-enter your new password, tick the “save to password list” option and this should resolve the problem.

    The second reason is more likely to happen due to frequent repeat of the above reason. Every time you open outlook, it try’s to authenticate with the server. The server rejects this seeing that the password is incorrect and after a few attempts locks this email account due to a “security threat”. The account will be unlocked automatically if a device/computer doesn’t fail authentication within 30 – 45 minutes. To solve this, please contact us with your client ID and we will unlock your account for you and also resend your Web Host Panel details which will give you access to reset/change your password.

    To test your account details, please try to log in on your webmail.

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