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    To setup exchange active sync select the specific device that best suits your need below.
    If you run into any issues with the automatic setup of the account on your device then revert to the manual process.
    We advise that you use the SSL option. If you do not you might get a security warning, which you can ignore.

    Please also note that each email address that you want to setup require a yearly licence (for standard mail), but is included in our advanced mail options
    Red Cactus exchange active sync server addresses:

    • Standard mail: (NO LONGER SUPPORTED)
    • Advanced mail:

    For manual setup:
    server address: /
    Username is your full email address: I.e
    Leave the domain blank/open.
    If the domain name and username is in the same block then type “\“. Take note of the backslash!
    “This server requires and encrypted SSL connection”. You can select this or leave this as our exchange supports SLL and non-SLL.
    The most common mistakes:
    The device defaults your username to myname…. please change this to your FULL email address

    Below is a step-by-step of some of the major smart phones as an overview.

    EAS Android Configuration Guide
    EAS IPhone/IPad Configuration Guide
    EAS Windows Phone 7 Configuration Guide

    You can set your phone’s number of days, calendar, tasks and contact specifics within each device.
    The data will only sync if your device has an available data connection.

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