How to Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop Issue


    Deactivating Themes and Plugins

    Conflicting or corrupted plugins are a common culprit of the WordPress login redirect loop issue. Therefore, you need to deactivate the faulty plugin.

    Here’s how to troubleshoot the login redirect loop issue by deactivating your WordPress plugins:

    1. Access your website’s wp-content directory using an FTP or a File Manager.
    2. Rename the plugins folder to something else to deactivate all plugins. If this action solves the issue, that means you have a corrupted plugin. What we need to do now is to find the exact culprit.

    3. Change the plugins folder to its original name. This way, WordPress can reaccess your plugins, but all of them are still inactive.
    4. Login to your WordPress dashboard and head over to Plugins -> Installed Plugins. Activate all plugins.
    5. Logout from WordPress, and go back to your File Manager.
    6. Open the plugins directory, and disable the plugins one by one by renaming the corresponding folders. Each time you disable a plugin, try to login to your site and keep doing that until you find the one that causes the issue.

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